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What is SFTP, and how do I use an SFTP client to transfer files?

The SSH File Transfer Protocol (also known as Secure FTP and SFTP) is a computing network protocol for accessing and managing files on remote file systems. SFTP also allows file transfers between hosts, similar to the SCP protocol. Unlike standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP), SFTP encrypt commands and data both, preventing passwords and sensitive information from being transmitted in the clear over a network.

SFTP clients are programs that use SSH to access, manage, and transfer files. SFTP clients are functionally similar to FTP clients, but they use different protocols. Consequently, you cannot use standard FTP clients to connect to SFTP servers, nor can you use clients that support only SFTP to connect to FTP servers. Graphical clients are available for SFTP, or you can use it from the command line on a Unix or Mac OS X computer.

What basics do I need to know when conguring an FTP Client to use SFTP?

  1. Your domain name
  2. Username
  3. Password
  4. Port 2900 (This is VERY Important, we do NOT use Port 21)
  5. Be sure to set your client to use SFTP if there is a setting.
Why do you not use regular FTP?
Answer: It's not secure, and never has been.

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Video Tutorials

While these videos are geared towards FTP, please remember to use SFTP and Port 2900

  1. configuring your website in FTP Voyager.mp4
  2. configuring your website in CuteFTP.mp4
  3. configuring your website in FileZilla.mp4
  4. configuring your website in FlashFXP.mp4
  5. configuring your website in LeapFTP.mp4
  6. configuring your website in SmartFTP.mp4
  7. configuring your website in WinSCP.mp4
  8. configuring your website in WS FTP.mp4
  9. managing files in CuteFTP.mp4
  10. managing files in FileZilla.mp4
  11. managing files in FTP Voyager.mp4
  12. managing files in LeapFTP.mp4
  13. managing files in SmartFTP.mp4
  14. managing files in WinSCP.mp4
  15. managing files in WS_FTP.mp4
  16. setting your preferences in FlashFXP.mp4
  17. uploading files using CuteFTP.mp4
  18. uploading files using Filezilla.mp4
  19. uploading files using FlashFXP.mp4
  20. uploading files using FTP Voyager.mp4
  21. uploading files using LeapFTP.mp4
  22. uploading files using SmartFTP.mp4
  23. uploading files using WinSCP.mp4
  24. uploading files using WS FTP.mp4

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