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Re: Exactly how to transfer my Comcast free domain name out

Here are the steps to obtain the requested information:

1.Sign into the Business Class Portal a Primary Manager and select Websites from the Manage Services menu.

2.Select the Edit website link from the menu of the left side to load the Sitecontrol window.

3.Select the Domain Name link under Manage Services to load the Domain Names page.

4.Click Edit to the right of the domain to be transferred.

5.The Domain Summary screen will load.

6.The Auth Info Code and Domain Lock status are shown on this screen.

7.Note the Auth Info Code in order to provide it to your registrar.

8.If the Domain Lock Status shows Locked, click edit to disable the lock. If the domain shows Unlocked, and your transfer has failed, then Lock the domain, then Unlock the domain again, this will resync the unlocking. I have had problems with the domain showing as Unlocked when it was not unlocked.

9. Call Comcast/Hostway Rep at 866.856.7150 if all else fails.


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